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What Makes a Good Cryptocurrency Conference?

We’ve all been to that conference like the one described in our post from earlier in the week. Fly-by-night marketers with sky-high promises, incognito B2B staffers that are lower on the totem pole than the crap that they are pushing, and the unorganized speaker list that changes as often as the listed coins on…

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  Since our last e-mail many new and exciting developments have taken place. Our team has been extremely busy designing and developing our MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and our DPA (Direct Product App) . With the commitment and dedication of our team we are now many months ahead of our original roadmap. We…

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BuyingCom-002, the world’s first decentralized e-commerce marketplace, has officially launched the minimum viable product (MVP) of its forthcoming mobile application, the Direct Product App (DPA). DPA is a revolutionary application that enables e-commerce businesses and consumers to leverage purchasing power and new distribution methods while ensuring a more competitive landscape for buying and selling…

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The Great Façade of the Cryptocurrency Conference

crypto conference

You get off of a red-eye flight and hop straight into the Uber. After twenty minutes and an upstream battle against traffic, you arrive at the hotel. The concierge takes your bag; you trudge through the lobby, go to the front desk. Check-in. From there, you wheel your luggage and drag yourself to a middle-level…

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Fall 2018 Conference Recap:

blockchain conference

Autumn 2018 gave way to a large variety of conferences, ranging from the Malta Blockchain Summit which boasted over 5,000 attendees, over to the World Blockchain Forum in London that took place in September. These were the best conferences from around the globe. Were you there? Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce marketplace?…

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SEC Extends ICO Crackdown to Advisors

ico regulation

Just the mention of the word “regulation” can scare some people. Although the ICO world had started as an unregulated frontier of volatility, that hasn’t been the case lately (for two reasons). One, the cryptocurrency world is becoming less volatile. Two, the ICO is becoming increasingly more regulated. With more regulation comes more transparency, but…

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Every ICO Advisor Uses These 3 Websites

ico websites

You are looking for ICO advisors, but you don’t know where to find them. A friend recommends that you check out a website that ranks ICO advisors, but you remain skeptical after a quick Google and Reddit search regarding the website. Some of the placements appear to be paid, the bios seem slightly less than…

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