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Blockchain E-Commerce Platform Allows Shoppers to Purchase Directly From Manufacturers

A new decentralized e-commerce platform aims to allow online shoppers and e-commerce stores to combine purchasing power and micro-distribution to access bulk pricing and discounts. says that they have multiple solutions to the many issues faced by customers, describing themselves as ‘e-commerce reinvented’. According to the company, the four key elements of their project…

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U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Releases ICO Guide: Is it a Little Too Late? Part One of Two

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an independent regulatory agency whose mandate is to protect investors, maintain an open and fair market and facilitate capital information, tweeted its guide to initial coin offerings (ICOs) on Feb. 10. The announcement was met with mixed reactions as some believe that it came a little too late…

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The new decentralized e-commerce platform has just announced the launch of its minimum viable product (MVP) on Android and iOS of its forthcoming free mobile application the ‘Direct Product App’ (or DPA). DPA acts as a central hub to deliver benefits to customers such as consumers and manufacturers and, according to official company statements:…

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Watch Out Amazon: Decentralized E-Commerce Platform To Launch in New Jersey

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A new E-Commerce Platform promises two-hour deliveries for over 50,000 products by using blockchain technology, but will it be enough to contend with Bezos’ goliath? A decentralized e-commerce platform dropped some huge announcements in their recently released newsletter, dated January 2019. First and foremost is the launch of what it calls ‘E-commerce on Demand’…

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ICOs: The, Now, and Beyond – Part 2

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The Future of the ICO Market The ICO market is not the same as it was a year two ago. A lot has changed and the future is likely to bring new changes with it. Regulation has played a crucial role in bringing about the change.   Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce…

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