Latest News – November 2018


Since our last e-mail many new and exciting developments have taken place. Our team has been extremely busy designing and developing our MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and our DPA (Direct Product App) . With the commitment and dedication of our team we are now many months ahead of our original roadmap.

We are very excited to announce that our MVP has been launched. It is currently up and running on the blockchain in Beta mode for testing by our technology team. This DPA will be available for download on IOS and Android devices. Our DPA will enable e-commerce businesses, wholesalers and distributors to work together to achieve Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), which will allow the consumer to have access to the best pricing and availability of products.

We are also in the process of finishing our E-Commerce On Demand Delivery APP. The APP currently has 50,000 products available and we are downloading additional items on a daily basis. Our E-commerce on Demand APP will bring a variety of products to the consumer at their home, business or where-ever they may be in a 30 minute to 2 hour time frame, all of this without the hassle of 2 to 7 day delivery status or the exorbitant pricing for overnight delivery. will be testing our E-commerce On-Demand Delivery App’s and services starting January 2019 in New Jersey! This was originally scheduled for release 3rd quarter of 2019

We have also contracted with to build our ST20 token. is considered the “Gold Standard” in the building of Security Tokens. The relationship between Polymath and will allow the token to be secured in a cold vault for the protection of all the token holders.

All of us will continue to work diligently to bring our vision of making a household name through our unwavering commitment and hard work. We are looking forward to an amazing 2019!

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Have a Wonderful Holiday Season,

Jean Gabriel and the team


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