Launches MVP for First Ever Decentralized E-Commerce Marketplace

BuyingCom-002, the world’s first decentralized e-commerce marketplace, has officially launched the minimum viable product (MVP) of its forthcoming mobile application, the Direct Product App (DPA). DPA is a revolutionary application that enables e-commerce businesses and consumers to leverage purchasing power and new distribution methods while ensuring a more competitive landscape for buying and selling good online.

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The MVP launch represents the latest milestone in’s quest to develop the world’s first vertically integrated blockchain platform. It follows a successful early funding round of the BUY token, which powers the marketplace and gives investors the potential to earn future dividends. However, unlike other blockchain projects, development of’s MVP occurred long before the token sale, putting the company on track to meet its ambitious development roadmap.’s MVP, which is available for free on both Android and iOS devices, provides direct utility to all participants on the decentralized marketplace. It gives e-commerce businesses, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers the ability to work together to achieve minimum order quantities (MOQ) and unlock bulk pricing that would not otherwise be available. Through DPA, any deal placed through a company’s platform can meet MOQ levels necessary to unlock the best pricing deals from manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Consumers can use the app to access best pricing and purchase from a much wider range of suppliers than is currently available in the centralized e-commerce market.

DPA will feed into a much larger e-commerce ecosystem that encompasses consumers, businesses and micro-distribution centers. The end result is a vertically integrated network capable of fulfilling online orders in as little as two hours.

DPA will ultimately level the playing field for existing e-commerce stores, allowing them to compete with the likes of Amazon, Walmart and other major retailers. The app serves both as a business-to-business and business-to-consumer platform, harnessing the power of the masses to offer direct product pricing on millions of goods.

Through the MVP, users can explore DPA’s proprietary technology, which includes:

Tipping: The concept of ‘tipping’ requires a certain number of buyers to unlock one or a series of discounts for the entire group.

Scarcity: DPA will utilize inventory limits to drive demand and consumer response. By offering a limited number of deals per day, will build demand organically by promoting high-quality discounts and promotions.

Time Constraints: Through DPA, will provide limited-time deals to further enhance demand and consumer response. Deal expirations will be highly targeted based on consumers’ needs, interests and previous shopping experience.
Social Sharing: DPA enables to utilize incentive-based social sharing. This means gains more exposure the more deals are shared through social channels.

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