News Update: Jan 2019


The BUY Token St20 token has been completed with

The BUY Token has also been contracted with to secure the token in cold storage for the highest level of security for the token holders.

The MOQ is up and being beta tested.

The launch of E-commerce on Demand has begun and proud to say 9 months ahead of schedule which is the company’s Holy Grail. This was originally scheduled for release 3rd quarter of 2019

The site will now operate with the main platform of to be E-commerce on Demand and the ICO landing page has been moved to for investors to continue to invest.

The E-commerce on Demand launch will be with 6 zip codes in New Jersey. will be able to provide over 50,000 items to your door in 2 hours or less and food deliveries in 30 minutes or on demand.

Office for the center to monitor EOD (E-commerce on Demand) has been completed in Mahwah NJ in the Sheraton Facility with our sister company

We expect to complete our EOD within 90 days and will then move to complete the state of NJ and start to grow across the country.

The Android and iOS apps are completed for the consumer and waiting for the approvals from the Android and Apple store. Ordering is available thru our site while this process is being approved and completed.

In addition, 2 additional Android and iOS apps for the drivers have also been completed & awaiting approvals.

All of us will continue to work diligently to bring our vision of making a household name through our unwavering commitment and hard work. We are looking forward to an amazing 2019!

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Joe Riviello -Chief Operating Officer- As a technology development and marketing expert, Joe creates engaging, conversion-centric e-commerce experiences and cutting-edge solutions that maximize growth and profit. Joe is the founder of Zen Design Firm, LLC, a 10 year old web development and marketing company designated by e-commerce giant, WooCommerce, as one of just a handful of experts in development on the WooCommerce framework. Joe also serves on the Board of Directors for the Northeastern Economic Development Company and has advised multiple Fortune 500 companies on strategic growth initiatives with a specialization in digital marketing channels.

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