News Update: March 2019



The BUY St-20 Token is now officially minted and in cold storage at Bitgo, the market leader in institutional cryptocurrency security, compliance, and custodial solutions. With insurance of $100 million utilizing Bitgo’s cold storage application, is able to provide all token holders a 100% security guarantee. is also finalizing our token selling platform with OpenFinance for trading in January 2020.

Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce marketplace? Click here to participate in the token sale.

E-commerce on Demand is running in Beta mode with over 250 businesses already registered in the first 30 days of Beta launch. We are on schedule to achieve our goal of 3000 orders per month during this Beta test.

The first POS systems are already being distributed to merchants for testing.

Our goal to be a National Brand is becoming a reality, with displayed on all small business doors in the Beta area. (Pictures below)

The E-commerce delivery system for order distribution is already completed and being tested by the first 20 drivers. (App photos below)

Our consumer app completion is on schedule, with a full New Jersey State Launch of 722 zip codes for July 1, 2019. The HR department is in full hiring mode to meet our need for 600 drivers to support full operation in the state of NJ.

The delivery times during Beta has been 17.2 minutes for deliveries of food products, and 1 hour 23 minutes for delivery of e-commerce on-demand products.

The Rush service is also completed and is now being tested. An incredibly convenient service, Rush allows individuals to have practically anything they want delivered to their doors. Businesses can offer unlimited delivery options without any overhead and ultimately boost their bottom line by increasing sales. The positive impact this has for small business growth is staggering.

We have also made some Team changes to maximize sales and decrease operational expenses now that the company has moved from an ICO stage to full operations. in the News: in the News:

New Blockchain-Powered E-commerce Store Looks to be Pioneer and Rival Amazon – Bitcoin Exchange Guide in the News:



The Buy token can still be purchased at

Feel free to contact with any questions new and old token holders may have.


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We will try to keep you updated every 60 days on our progress. I can assure all our token holders that we are working day and night with over 28 programmers to make sure that this schedule of achievement is completed on time.

Jean Gabriel Founder and the Team


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