Crypto and The Job Market: Part 2

Here are two statements that seemingly oppose each other:

  1. Crypto is entangled in a bear market.
  2. The crypto job market is in a bullish swing.

crytpo job market 2

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To some, this will seem like a contradiction. How can the crypto job market be filled with job openings when the crypto market is in an ugly downtrend?

Here’s why: the potential for crypto exceeds the current status in the market. In the years to come, expect to see crypto integrated into our financial institutions, medicine, education, and more.

It’s because of this potential you see that Bitcoin and blockchain related jobs have risen by 300%. That said, you’re probably wondering what kind of crypto jobs are hiring. The truth is that many of the same qualities that are required in other jobs will be needed for the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency positions need engineers, marketers, UX and UI specialists, writers, designers, developers and more. There are significant opportunities available for talented people for many different positions.

Crypto is still a new space, the roles you can take will vary from company to company. For many of these positions, you don’t need to be a bona fide expert on crypto to score a job, but you will need to be familiar with it. That said, the more fluent you are in your understanding of cryptocurrency, the better. And just like any other position, actual experience will help. You will stand a great chance at being hired as a “Blockchain Engineer” if you successfully held a position as an engineer at a different company.

Why You Should Join a Cryptocurrency Startup

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to join a crypto startup:

Better pay. Money is flowing into blockchain, and that means salaries are high-paying. As crypto expands and becomes more essential to daily society, these positions can become more valuable, which can yield higher incomes in the future.

Remote work. Many of these startups have flexibility that will allow you to work remotely. That said, as in most industries, the more skills you have, the more leverage and leeway you can use to negotiate comfortable working conditions.

Growth potential. When you work at a crypto startup, you’re essentially entering at the ground floor. Within a promising startup, there is potential for enormous growth—for you and the company.

One thing is clear: Crypto jobs are being created at record numbers. You could either watch on the sidelines as crypto continues to flourish, or you can join a promising, high-paying industry.

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