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ico regulation

SEC Extends ICO Crackdown to Advisors

Just the mention of the word “regulation” can scare some people. Although the ICO world had started as an unregulated frontier of volatility, that hasn’t been the case lately (for two reasons). One, the cryptocurrency world is becoming less volatile. Two, the ICO is becoming increasingly more regulated. With more regulation comes more transparency, but…

ico websites

Every ICO Advisor Uses These 3 Websites

You are looking for ICO advisors, but you don’t know where to find them. A friend recommends that you check out a website that ranks ICO advisors, but you remain skeptical after a quick Google and Reddit search regarding the website. Some of the placements appear to be paid, the bios seem slightly less than…

ico businessman

Why the Advisors with 50 Different Projects Are Not Fooling Anyone… Besides Themselves

You hear about a new ICO, so you begin to read the white paper. As you read the white paper of the ICO, you begin to analyze the smaller details. You look at the technical product descriptions and the financial projections, which both check out quite well. Then, you get to the team. Want to…


Can Blockchain Wallets Compete with Apple Pay?

When people talk about the future of digital currency, they often speak about mass adoption. What is mass adoption, exactly? Mass adoption is the concept that digital currency will be widely accepted and adopted as a form of payment across all types of vendors, large and small. Mass adoption is often seen as a major…


Where You Can Spend 10,000 Bitcoins

  Imagine having 10,000 Bitcoin in your wallet right now. What would you do with it? Would you use it to buy pizza like Laszlo Hanyecz did when he participated in the transaction that became known and celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day 8 years ago, or will you use it to invest in other ventures?…

cryptocurrency wallets

Summary of Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

In 2017 Q3, there were over 17 million active blockchain wallets according to a report by Statista. In that same quarter one year later, the number rose to roughly 28.8 million. This change represents a 41% increase in usage rate. The largest percentage change over that time period took place between quarters 3 and 4…

blockchain public market

The Quest for a “Pure” Blockchain Investment in the Public Markets

  Blockchain was last year’s big buzzword as Bitcoin and other altcoins rose to become a nearly $750-billion-dollar industry. Now, as the dust settles from the great bull run and bust of 2017 and 2018, one thing remains clear: in digital currency, nothing is certain. Yet, blockchain’s potential use case extends far beyond digital currency.…

tech investments

The Hottest Tech Investment Trends of 2019

  From trends across artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, new tech buzzwords and emerging industries are still managing to capture the heart of investors from both the USA and abroad. What tech trends will be the hottest investment points going into the next year? (Before you begin reading, this article IS NOT to…

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Separating Science Fiction from Reality

  While the world is preparing for the integration of artificial intelligence into technology, one of the most ambivalent points of understanding the industry is how the reality of AI technology is different than how it has been fictionalized in literature and movies. The movie A.I., released in 2001, emerged as an extended version of…

Blockchain E Commerce Platform Allows Shoppers to Purchase Directly From Manufacturers

Blockchain E-Commerce Platform Allows Shoppers to Purchase Directly From Manufacturers

Originally Published on Cointelegraph   A new decentralized e-commerce platform aims to allow online shoppers and e-commerce stores to combine purchasing power and microdistribution to access bulk pricing and discounts. says that they have multiple solutions to the many issues faced by customers, describing themselves as ‘e-commerce reinvented’. Want to take part in’s revolutionary…