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buyingcom ico

Watch Out Amazon: Decentralized E-Commerce Platform To Launch in New Jersey

A new E-Commerce Platform promises two-hour deliveries for over 50,000 products by using blockchain technology, but will it be enough to contend with Bezos’ goliath? A decentralized e-commerce platform dropped some huge announcements in their recently released newsletter, dated January 2019. First and foremost is the launch of what it calls ‘E-commerce on Demand’…

icos2 buyingcom

ICOs: The, Now, and Beyond – Part 2

The Future of the ICO Market The ICO market is not the same as it was a year two ago. A lot has changed and the future is likely to bring new changes with it. Regulation has played a crucial role in bringing about the change.   Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce…

icos buyingcom

ICOs: Then, Now, and Beyond – Part 1

The initial coin offering (ICO) followed the trajectory of bubbles, some may argue. New projects without even a minimum viable product (MVP) raised millions in seconds. Investors (even those without any financial literacy) scrambled to get hold of tokens sold via ICOs in the hope of making huge profits after price appreciation.   Want to…


ICO Fund Allocations and Regulations – Part 2

Addressing the Pain Points It’s no secret that less-than-reputable ICO projects can simply issue their tokens, list them on exchanges, and finally sell them for fiat currency. A typical pump and dump scheme. Without any sort of regulation in place, anyone can just launch their own ICO and disappear with people’s money in digital assets.…


ICO Fund Allocations and Regulations – Part 1

ICO Projects Allocate $24 Billion to Themselves Amid Lack of Regulatory Oversight According to a report published recently by BitMEX, ICO teams allocated $24 billion to themselves during the issuance of their tokens. However, in reality, these firms never realized this amount due to liquidity challenges. The so-called “crypto winter” has eroded this value to…

crypto and data hacks

Could Blockchain Prevent Data Hacks Like Quora and Marriot?

Security breaches are as common as ever. Hot on the heels of the Marriot breach that affected half a billion users, Quora (the prominent question and answer platform) was recently hacked. On December 3rd, it was reported that over 100 million users were impacted by the breach—and much of the data that was stolen includes…

Buying-Homepage-003_02 News Update: Jan 2019

The BUY Token St20 token has been completed with The BUY Token has also been contracted with to secure the token in cold storage for the highest level of security for the token holders. The MOQ is up and being beta tested. The launch of E-commerce on Demand has begun and proud to…

ico influencers

The Truth About ICO Influencers

Many initial coin offerings (ICO) in the marketplace have more hype than substance. The SEC has been actively cracking down on ICOs that aren’t following regulations. The next target: ICO influencers. Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce marketplace? Click here to participate in the token sale. Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and music mogul…

crytpo job market 2

Crypto and The Job Market: Part 2

Here are two statements that seemingly oppose each other: Crypto is entangled in a bear market. The crypto job market is in a bullish swing. Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce marketplace? Click here to participate in the token sale. To some, this will seem like a contradiction. How can the crypto job…

crypto and the job market

Crypto and the Job Market: Part 1

When cryptocurrency broke onto the scene, few understood how it would influence the world around us. Today, at the tail end of 2018, it’s quickly becoming a crypto world.   Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce marketplace? Click here to participate in the token sale. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are among the most talked…