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cryptocurrency wallets

Summary of Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

In 2017 Q3, there were over 17 million active blockchain wallets according to a report by Statista. In that same quarter one year later, the number rose to roughly 28.8 million. This change represents a 41% increase in usage rate. The largest percentage change over that time period took place between quarters 3 and 4…

blockchain public market

The Quest for a “Pure” Blockchain Investment in the Public Markets

  Blockchain was last year’s big buzzword as Bitcoin and other altcoins rose to become a nearly $750-billion-dollar industry. Now, as the dust settles from the great bull run and bust of 2017 and 2018, one thing remains clear: in digital currency, nothing is certain. Yet, blockchain’s potential use case extends far beyond digital currency.…

tech investments

The Hottest Tech Investment Trends of 2019

  From trends across artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, new tech buzzwords and emerging industries are still managing to capture the heart of investors from both the USA and abroad. What tech trends will be the hottest investment points going into the next year? (Before you begin reading, this article IS NOT to…

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Separating Science Fiction from Reality

  While the world is preparing for the integration of artificial intelligence into technology, one of the most ambivalent points of understanding the industry is how the reality of AI technology is different than how it has been fictionalized in literature and movies. The movie A.I., released in 2001, emerged as an extended version of…

Blockchain E Commerce Platform Allows Shoppers to Purchase Directly From Manufacturers

Blockchain E-Commerce Platform Allows Shoppers to Purchase Directly From Manufacturers

Originally Published on Cointelegraph   A new decentralized e-commerce platform aims to allow online shoppers and e-commerce stores to combine purchasing power and microdistribution to access bulk pricing and discounts. says that they have multiple solutions to the many issues faced by customers, describing themselves as ‘e-commerce reinvented’. Want to take part in’s revolutionary…


Campaign Spotlight Featuring Female Leadership in Tech

This is the final leg of our three-part series which highlights the importance of female leadership in technology, especially in the c-suite. Today, we are focusing on two programs that particularly promulgate the idea of gender-balance and integration in the c-suite, Ban Bossy, and Women in Tech Leadership. These programs are dedicated to changing the…


Female Executive Spotlight

As we continue highlighting female entrepreneurs and executives in technology, we’d like to devote another day this week to continue that exploration and highlight even more female pioneers in business. Today we are highlighting two women who’ve permanently left their mark on the tech world to the point where tech would not be the same…

lean in

How Lean-In Started a Worldwide Phenomenon

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and first female on the Facebook board, began the Lean-In movement that has empowered women all around the world. Through her book “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,” Sandberg encouraged women to go after top-level executive jobs. For this, and many other reasons, Sandberg has spoken all…

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Martins Hacks reviews how will revolutionize e-commerce using blockchain technology. Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce marketplace? Click here to participate in the token sale.

data world

Data Centers: The Emerging 100 Billion Dollar Industry Explained

For every shared photo, like, or comment on social media, there is a data center that stores and processes all of the information. Within the data center itself, there are hundreds of thousands of moving parts. These centers are responsible for the power behind some of the largest companies in the world. Everyone from Google,…