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buingcom dubai Speaks at the International Crypto Currencies Investment Congress

                                   CEO, Raghu Bala, and Chief Strategy Officer, Joshua Jahani, recently spoke about how our distributed ledger technology is revolutionizing eCommerce to over 12,000 investment firms at the International Crypto Currencies Investment Congress…

world crypto

Will Digital Currency Make the World a Better Place?

                                      The default answer, for now, is yes. The wide and lasting impact that digital currency is making in various aspects of life is appealing to the human sense of reasoning. Want to take part in’s…

crypto college classes

College Students Have Classes About Cryptocurrency at These Top Schools

                                                      There is no repudiating the fact that blockchain is making lots of impact on networks around the globe. In turn, many colleges are examining the benefits of the…

buying ecommerce

These Wall Street Executives are Leaving for Big Time Blockchain Jobs

                                              While there are some who think blockchain and cryptocurrency are nothing but the latest versions of the “Greater Fool’s Theory,” others think they will be the way of the future — and…


The Art of Side Hustling

The average person who hosted on Airbnb made $21,000 last year, and the average Uber driver makes $43,000-those numbers aren’t bad, especially if it’s only your part-time income. Uber and Airbnb are just two of the many examples of gigging in the emerging “gig economy.” The jobs are attracting people because of their unique benefits.…


The Next Big Gig in the Gig Economy

Uber, Airbnb, Instacart, Fiverr. You know them, you might love them, you might hate them, but either way, you cannot argue the fact that the “gig economy” is changing the way we work. Want to take part in’s revolutionary eCommerce marketplace? Click here to participate in the token sale. Gigging companies are quickly gaining…

buyingcom uber

How Airbnb and Uber is Replacing Hotels and Taxis, and How They’re Not

Three friends of mine went to Denver a few weeks ago to see a concert at the stunning Red Rocks amphitheater. They decided to stay at an Airbnb while in Colorado, opting for a homier experience in a neighborhood as opposed to another stay at a downtown hotel. Want to take part in’s revolutionary…

Jean Gabriel

Blockchain and the Disruption of the Wholesale/Retail Space

Originally Published September 11, 2018  on BlockTribune By: Jean Gabriel, Founder, Buying.Com Blockchain historically has been used mostly for cryptocurrency, but the distributed ledger technology is now influencing just about every major industry. In the retail and wholesale spaces, blockchain is the next step in a revolution that began more than two decades ago with the mass…

Jean Gabriel - Founder of

Women Of The C-Suite: “A leader encourages the growth of others” With Jean Gabriel Founder of

Originally Published on Thrive Global I had the pleasure of interviewing Jean Gabriel, entrepreneur and Founder of With over a decade of experience developing and launching successful national directories and e-commerce platforms including and, Jean’s current focus is on creating the first e-commerce solution enabling direct-from-manufacturer wholesale pricing for all consumers. By harnessing…

BuyingCom-002 is disrupting the biggest eCommerce players, like Amazon and Shopify in the five trillion eCommerce space. Watch how we are doing it.

Cryptocurrency ICOs are officially raising more money than ever before. But which ones should you trust? The ICO is supported by the proven, popular, and profitable, as well as Snapforce and Refer Local, under the umbrella so you know this is an ICO you can trust. What’s more, this is an ICO…