The ICO Presale Begins


Since the start of 2018, our team has gone all over the entire world to talk about why our decentralized e-Commerce platform is going to transform the internet. Wherever we went … our team and our project were well received.

Whether it was Las Vegas, Dubai, New York City, or New Jersey, when our executives were on the floor talking to people about our project, people listened. They didn’t just listen because our team is made up of faculty from NYU and MIT, and they didn’t just listen because our previous experience includes Deloitte, Cornell, and AOL, but they listened to us because they believed in us. Our message resonated with those people. It resonated because it solves a very basic problem.

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Our platform harnesses the advantage of wholesale buying by offering direct-to-consumer pricing. Retailers can go onto our platform and upload wholesale deals. Once uploaded, the deals are pushed out through our network.

Providing More Opportunities for Competitive Retail

One of the reasons that Big Retail is endlessly gaining power over Main Street retail is that the bigger players have access to more resources. Back office solutions can cost businesses thousands, so only a certain type of business can even access such a solution. is able to compete in the eCommerce space by offering smaller retailers a fully-integrated back office solution. By giving smaller retailers this opportunity, they can go out and compete with the bigger players like Amazon and Walmart.


In addition to providing more opportunities to competitive retail, is offering a microdistribution network that can compete with traditional and new age delivery supply chains.

Through our distribution channel, we plan on turning every garage into a neighborhood distribution center. People can have the opportunity to participate in our ecosystem and become a storage center by staking the tokens to become a node. This is a key solution because it solves the last-mile distribution problem that has been plaguing the retail industry for centuries.

It also provides individuals with an opportunity to gain additional income while participating in local economies.

Our microdistribution model and the competitive opportunities we deliver for all retailers are going to change the game. Now, YOU have the opportunity to invest in while we are on the ground floor.

Starting October 1, the first round of the pre-sale, you have the opportunity to purchase our tokens at the Pre-Sale Tier 1 discounted price of $0.08 cents. This low price is to incentivize the earliest adopters of our project with the biggest reward. The last stage of our crowd-sale will be January 1, 2019, at the price of $0.25 cents.

In Closing

Our world-class team has gone all over the entire world to speak to people about We’ve brought together the most experienced group of individuals to create the company that will truly change the face of e-commerce, one bulk deal at a time. Through our wholesale pricing model and microDistribution capability, is going turn the eCommerce world upside down. Big retailers will not know what hit them. Get your BUY tokens today.

Joe Riviello -Chief Operating Officer- As a technology development and marketing expert, Joe creates engaging, conversion-centric e-commerce experiences and cutting-edge solutions that maximize growth and profit. Joe is the founder of Zen Design Firm, LLC, a 10 year old web development and marketing company designated by e-commerce giant, WooCommerce, as one of just a handful of experts in development on the WooCommerce framework. Joe also serves on the Board of Directors for the Northeastern Economic Development Company and has advised multiple Fortune 500 companies on strategic growth initiatives with a specialization in digital marketing channels.

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