What Makes a Good Cryptocurrency Conference?

We’ve all been to that conference like the one described in our post from earlier in the week. Fly-by-night marketers with sky-high promises, incognito B2B staffers that are lower on the totem pole than the crap that they are pushing, and the unorganized speaker list that changes as often as the listed coins on coinmarketcap.com.

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But enough with the negatives. You can get that without leaving your newsfeed, but you have since departed from the depths of social mania *cough* media, and you are reading this because you want to know what makes a good conference, well, good.

  1. The best thing that a conference can do for itself and for its future is to be transparent and consistent. If you are going to advertise certain speakers, then you change those speakers (especially more than once), your credibility will go downhill… fast.
  1. The sponsor list is another important feature. Are there big names like IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, etc., or is your sponsor page just a group of c-list ICOs that probably won’t even hit their soft cap? The attendees (real investors) and bigger ICOs that you want at your conferences will want to see other industry leaders appearing at the event. Sometimes a big-time sponsor is all that it takes to attract the right company, which attracts another good company, then another. One right name can have a rippling effect.
  1. Having a history of putting on good performances can be one of the best indicators of how future performances will go. Have you accomplished success with previous conferences? Were you able to produce good results from teams before? Did an ICO land the biggest investment of their campaign during one of your events?

You should use those metrics from those conferences speak for themselves… nothing tells a story like the bottom line.

  1. Availability of staff is another crucial must-have for the ever-evolving world of the blockchain conference. Do you have a customer service team that is responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced? When a team calls and asks for more information about a certain aspect of the conference, can your telephone operator handle the question, or will it take five days to reach you from the 5-star resort/ vacation you’re staying on until your next big cash grab? The more available, professional, and competent your staff appears, the more likely you are to get those big add-ons like ICO pitches.
  1. Lastly, location, location, location. Is your conference at some no-name hotel in the wrong part of town? Or just the opposite, is the conference being held in a country or section of a city that will outprice the good projects that are just starting to receive funding? You want to strike a balance between affordability and accessibility. You don’t want the conference to appear so cheap that it rests below the standards of the outlandish, big whales, but you don’t want it to be expensive to the point where you outprice people who would otherwise go if it were 20% cheaper or 1,000 miles closer. Choose a location that is central to the audience you are trying to attract.

Do me a favor. Don’t be that conference that everyone hates. Not only for me, but for the rest of your career. People remember names and faces. If you associate yourself with a sinking ship, then you will be remembered for that. Even you think that no one will remember, guess what, they will. And it will be your career that suffers.

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